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FIRST DRIVE: Rolls-Royce SPECTRE. We’ve been ex-Spectre-ing you | Electrifying

FIRST DRIVE: Rolls-Royce SPECTRE. We’ve been ex-Spectre-ing you | Electrifying

Video by Electrifying via YouTube
FIRST DRIVE: Rolls-Royce SPECTRE. We’ve been ex-Spectre-ing you | Electrifying

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Meet Spectre, the world’s first ultra-luxury electric super coupé, as Rolls Royce likes to call it.
This is a huge shift for Rolls Royce: by the end of 2030, its entire entire range will be fully electric; just think about that for a second. Rolls-Royce will never again produce a new model with an internal combustion engine.

There’s no missing Spectre when you see it on the road – it’s a beautiful thing with its signature split headlights – and of course the grille – marking it out as a Rolls Royce.

At just under five and half metres long, just over two metres wide and close to 1.6m tall it’s a car that is best described as being ‘generously proportioned’. Its Pantheon grille is the widest ever fitted to a Rolls Royce, but its no longer there to cool a V12 – its job now is to help with aerodynamics. The iconic Spirit of Ecstasy was redesigned for Spectre, it has a lower stance and more aerodynamic profile and was perfected over 830 hours of design modelling and wind-tunnel testing.

But what’s it like to drive? Join Ginny as she puts the Spectre through its paces in California. If you’re a global tech billionaire, lottery winner or Premier League footballer, is the Spectre on your shortlist? Is this the ultimate luxury car for the electric age? Let us know in the comments below.


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