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First Impressions Of The New 2024 Tesla Model Y

First Impressions Of The New 2024 Tesla Model Y

Video by Adam Wellinformed via YouTube

Tesla Model Y delivery day has been, and its time to reveal my one-week review of this Berlin Model Y. It’s one of the first RHD Model Y’s to reach the UK. So I get to review what the Berlin paint job is like, I compare the cabin noise levels to my old Tesla Model 3, and I compare the Model Y suspension to my legacy Model 3. Before rounding up with a hearty conclusion if I’d buy the rwd Tesla Model Y all over again.

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00:00​ First look at the RHD Berlin Model Y
01:25 2024 Tesla Model Y Panel Gap Review
02:14 Giga Berlin Model Y Paint Quality
03:40 HW4 Model Y Cameras
04:17 Hankooks Ventus S1 EVO Tesla Model Y Tyres & 19” Wheel Covers
05:04 Berlin Model Y Seats and Door Materials
06:58 Model Y Passenger Space and Kid Friendly Floor Mats
08:51 New Tesla Model Y Acoustic Glass and Panoramic Roof
09:56 Tesla Model Y Storage Capacity
11:12 Berlin Model Y Cabin Road Noise Review
13:11 German Model Y Ride Quality and Suspension
14:16 2024 RWD Model Y Performance
14:49 Concluding Review of 2024 Tesla Model Y RWD

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