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FIRST LOOK: BMW Neue Klasse X: we go inside the new iX3! |

FIRST LOOK: BMW Neue Klasse X: we go inside the new iX3! |

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The Neue Klasse – it’s a new concept, but not a new name. That first honour belongs to a mid-sized sedan from 1962 that pioneered a whole new design direction for BMW, along with new technology. Which is exactly what this car is doing. Now we first saw the ‘Vision Neue Klasse’ at the back end of 2023 and that car, along with this SUV shaped one, showcase all the elements that will define new BMWs from next year onwards. 

Eventually, at least six new BMW models will be based on the hardware showcased in the concept we saw next year. Even our rudimentary German can work out that ‘neue klasse’  translates to ‘new class’, and the ‘X’ well that’s because it sets the scene for the new direction of all of BMW’s future  X SUV-shaped cars – of which 12 million have been sold around the world.

This might officially be a ‘concept car’ but, in reality it’s very close – and we mean VERY close – to what the next generation iX3 will become.

One of the key parts of any electric car is the battery and powering all Neue Klasse models, including this one, will be a new battery which has also been developed in-house, it comes with liquid cooled cells and while it does contain more nickel, it has less of the contentious mineral cobalt compared to battery in use today.  Also developed in-house are bespoke BMW motors and while the standard models are expected to use a single, rear-mounted electric motor up to four motors could potentially be used.

That ‘Heart of Joy’ super computer will electronically control the motors and their throttle repose which BMW claim will help them deliver the driving character its customers want. All of which bodes well for the future of electric ‘M’ cars – including a rumoured four-wheel-drive iX3 M60 flagship due in 2026. 

BMW says this plan will give more driving range and a shift from the 400 volt electric architecture currently used in BMWs electric cars to a more advanced 800V system – menas that the battery should also charge 30% faster than the unit it replaces. Based on current figures that could mean 500 miles between charging is possible, and all the Neue Klasse models are expected to support DC charging of up to 350kW, potentially giving charging times of 10-80% in just 12 minutes. How are they managing that? Well, in BMW’s own words it’s not only the electric motor that contributes to efficiency. It’s the entire system – all the components, along with elements like weight, aerodynamics and rolling resistance.

Join Ginny as she takes a close look around the Vision Neue Klasse X. Are you a fan? Is BMW heading in the right direction? Let us know in the comments below.


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