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FIRST LOOK! New Ford Capri. Has Ford finally lost the plot? | Electrifying

FIRST LOOK! New Ford Capri. Has Ford finally lost the plot? | Electrifying

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Ford has some big hero nameplates in its back catalogue – Escort, Explorer, Mustang, Capri. And as you will know it’s bringing some of those names back on cars as heroic as the originals. The Explorer, good car – but it’s not an Explorer. The Mustang – again good, but it’s not a Mustang. And now, I’ve had a first look at the electric Capri. Which, yes… you’ve guessed it, is not a Capri.

The new Capri is basically a Ford Explorer, and that car is basically a Volkswagen. Well, sort of… Beneath the surface of both the Explorer and the new Capri lies Volkswagen’s MEB platform and powertrains, which you may be familiar with from the ID.3, 4, 5, Skoda Enyaq and the rest. Ford agreed a tie-up with Volkswagen a few years back, so that VW now uses Ford bits for its commercial vehicles, and Ford uses VW bits for its electric passenger cars, in an effort to cut development and manufacturing costs. And that’s why we have a Capri that isn’t a Capri.

The Ford Capri will be offered with rear-wheel drive, single motor models or a four-wheel drive, dual-motor version. The single motor Capri will be available with a 52kWh usable battery capacity as of 2025, but it’s the 77kWh car that will arrive first – complete with a range of up to 389 miles. It can also manage 0-62mph in 6.4 seconds thanks to the 282bhp electric motor, which is fast even by the standards of its rivals.

The dual motor Ford Capri gets slightly different battery chemistry and a usable capacity of 79kWh, which is good for 367 miles of WLTP range. Not bad given the 335bhp and 0-62mph time of 5.3 seconds.

As for charging speeds, the 79kWh Capri Extended Range AWD does that faster, too! It gets a peak DC charging rate of 185kW, so you’ll get a 10-80% charge in 26 minutes.

The single motor Ford Capri Extended Range RWD charges at up to 135kW, which is still good for the same top-up in under 30 minutes. A 7kW home charger will top the Explorer up in around 13 hours.

Join Ginny as she takes a close look around the new Ford Capri for the first time. Should Ford have chosen a different name for its newcomer? Does it matter to you? Let us know in the comments below.


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