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FSD Beta First Snow of 2022 Benchmark Test

FSD Beta First Snow of 2022 Benchmark Test

Video by Brian Riebe Drives Electric via YouTube
FSD Beta First Snow of 2022 Benchmark Test

Let’s take Beta out in the snow! Last year there were slight improvements to Tesla’s FSD Beta over the winter. I took a drive around the slushy suburbs to get a sense of where it stands now so we can compare it to the long awaited Beta Version 11 when it arrives, and how (or if) it improves over the coming winter.

In the areas where Beta was sliding, many human drivers would have been sliding too. I’ve had enough experience with Minnesota winters to understand that heading into stops or turns slowly and with plenty of room in front of you is a safer way to handle those situations. Hopefully FSD will be learning that better this year.

Safety Reminder: At this stage in the FSD Beta, the driver is in full control and has full responsibility. I have a hand on the wheel and am prepared to take over at any time I’m not comfortable with a maneuver. If you’re in the Beta program drive safely, be aware of your surroundings, and other drivers.

0:00 Winter is Coming
3:33 Merging and what’s to come in V11
8:44 Slushy & obscured roads
15:30 Speed offsets & following behavior
22:47 Unplowed neighborhood
24:33 Human confusion & stoplight decisions
32:19 Roundabout testing

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