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FSD (Supervised) v12.3.6 | Tesla Software Update 2024.3.25

FSD (Supervised) v12.3.6 | Tesla Software Update 2024.3.25

Video by ALL Electric ⚡️ via YouTube

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0:00 Intro
0:24 Release Notes
0:54 Start of test drive
2:05 Speed Bumps
3:22 Biker in the road
3:57 Construction Zone
4:56 Passed by Cop
5:32 Right to Left Turn
6:26 The Man Cave
7:07 Auto Park Test
8:18 Drive Through ATM
9:16 Assertive four way stop
9:53 Aggressive Stopping
10:17 Final Thoughts
10:38 Outro

Over all some small improvements. The FSD was a bit smoother in some parts. Testing on our 2023 HW4 (vision only) Model Y.

Some notable improvements with v12.3.6:
– Smoother in neighborhoods where previously it would be jerky
– Much less ping-ponging getting into turn lanes at intersections
– WAY better at correctly identifying speed bumps and slowing down to an appropriate speed!
– More natural feeling start and stop at stop signs
– Able to traverse through a very narrow drive through ATM
– A bit better navigating parking lots (Hoping we see ASS soon)

I think the most notable thing about this update is they were able to so quickly make all these improvements! Very excited for Tesla AI!

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