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FSD Supervised v12.4.3 | Tesla Software Update 2024.15.15

FSD Supervised v12.4.3 | Tesla Software Update 2024.15.15

Video by ALL Electric ⚡️ via YouTube

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0:00 Intro
0:18 Release Notes
1:04 Start of test drive
1:50 Dog Walker & Turn
2:45 Left Turn
2:57 Steering Wheel Nag
3:40 Construction Zone
3:52 Traffic Light
4:52 People on the Road
5:31 Stopped Traffic
5:55 Lane Change and Highway
6:30 Cyclist
6:42 Too Slow
7:20 Merge Slow Down
7:54 Not Assertive
8:10 Lane Change & slow down
8:47 Into the City
9:03 Please Pay Attention
9:25 ManCave CO Ad
10:15 Right Turn at Traffic Light
10:58 Bad Inaction
11:19 Final Thoughts
11:48 Outro

For me and just on this test drive, the FSD was way more hesitant than the last update. I hope this is a small step back to take a big step forward. I’ll continue to test this update. Testing on our 2023 HW4 (vision only) Model Y.

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