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Here is why Electric Vehicles ARE the Future – Tata, OLA, Grid | #3 | हिंदी

Here is why Electric Vehicles ARE the Future - Tata, OLA, Grid | #3 | हिंदी

Video by PluginIndia Electric Vehicles via YouTube
Here is why Electric Vehicles ARE the Future - Tata, OLA, Grid | #3 | हिंदी

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A random YouTuber, put out a video – ‘Here is why Electric Cars Are Not the Future’ and in addition there is another video which came out some time ago by a reputed reviewer of ICE cars.

Many of you wrote to us asking us to make a reaction video. So we checked it out and the entire video has a lot of incorrect information with no references – Anyone that doesn’t provide authentic references that you can verify yourself, is a big suspect in our opinion.

Also the guy seems to have a visceral hatred towards Electric Vehicles. When you are filled with so much hatred, you can never be objective.

Hopefully the facts shared in this video may help you see things in a different light and help you think differently.
If you think EV’s are bad, don’t watch this video. If you think we need to stop using petroleum, you won’t like this video. Petroleum unfortunately will be there for sometime.
There are people who enjoy learning things that they were not aware of or things that challenged their notion, you will find this interesting.
If you like to stay in the bubble and get confirmation bias then stay away from this video. This is not for you.

Ultimately we hope you can understand why electric vehicles are far superior compared to pollution vehicles and why it’s important to phase out petrol and diesel for India’s betterment and wellbeing.

00:00 – Start
01:21 – Exporting Pollution
02:45 – China Dependency
07:47 – Politics & EVs
08:54 – Hatred for Tata, OLA
12:55 – Charging Infra
17:13 – Anti India
20:01 – Why subsidies?
22:22 – Battery Performance
22:22 – Battery Performance
26:27 – EV Resale Value
29:14 – Old Batteries
30:14 – Charging Time
32:29 – EV’s are not fun!
34:15 – Grid Capacity

1) Cell Manufacturing in India
1.5) Lithium Battery Recycling is happening in 2022 | Attero in India | Redwood Materials
2) Oben EV Makes their own battery pack and motors
3) Tata AutoComp systems makes battery packs for Tata Motors


3) Atmanirbhar Bharat, EV’s and China

4) OLA electric makes their own battery packs

5) The Price of OIL – How Oil industry commits genocide for profits

The Price of Oil: Human Rights Violations

6) Global worldwide oil demand by sector (% share, 2016)
7) Electricity Generation By Source India

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