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Home EV Charging Setup Update | Origin EV Power Up | Ocular IQ Home

Home EV Charging Setup Update | Origin EV Power Up | Ocular IQ Home

Video by Ludicrous Feed via YouTube

June 2024 Update on my current electric vehicle home charging setup for our Tesla Model Y and BYD Seal utilising Ocular IQ Home Solar Charger and Tesla Generation 3 Wall Connector while connected to Origin EV Power Up at 8c/kWh by Tesla Tom aka BYD Tom of Ludicrous Feed in Sydney Australia June 2024
Home EV Charging Setup Update | Origin EV Power Up | Ocular IQ Home

Products Featured in this video:

Origin EV Power Up

Ocular IQ Home – Solar Compatible | Code TESLATOM 5% OFF sitewide

Ocular IQ Home | 22kW | w/5m Cable – Solar Compatible


Financial Disclosure:
– Although this is a paid endorsement by Origin, I have been on EV Power Up and enjoying its benefits for the past 2 weeks (from the time I posted this video)
– Ludicrous Feed receives commission from EVSE for each product sold using the TESLATOM referral code
– No payment was received from either Tesla or BYD for the production of this video
– I was a Tesla shareholder at the time this video was posted
– I was not a BYD shareholder at the time this video was posted

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00:00 Introduction
00:43 Origin EV Power Up Overview
01:30 Origin EV Power Up Setup Process
01:53 Origin App Walkthrough
03:12 Tesla Solar Charging Compatible
03:57 Powerwall 2 Pro Tip
04:35 Origin EV Power Up Real World Demonstration
06:29 How much does it cost to fully charge a Tesla Model Y RWD?
06:55 Origin EV Power Up Summary
07:35 Ocular IQ Home
08:14 Ocular App Walkthrough
09:15 Ocular IQ Home Real World Demonstration
10:00 Schedule Charging Times
10:19 Charging Records for export
10:30 OCPP Compliant
10:53 Fully Charged the next morning
11:34 Ocular IQ Home Solar Charging
12:24 Origin App shows Savings
12:50 Summary



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Ludicrous Feed is a Sydney-based YouTube channel that started in 2018 after Tom purchased his Tesla Model S. He wanted to show the reality of Australian daily life with his family and an electric vehicle. Tom provides straightforward candid insights into key issues around EV adoption such as vehicle range, charging infrastructure and road trip planning. The weekly live stream is an opportunity for industry guests to directly engage with audience members from the EV community. Tom also has a Tesla Powerwall 2 coupled with rooftop solar and has reviewed many other electric vehicles for the channel including brands such as Tesla, BYD, Polestar, Volvo, MG, Hyundai, Genesis, Kia and Cupra.



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