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How I Keep My Electric Mower Like New for Years!

How I Keep My Electric Mower Like New for Years!

Video by ALL Electric ⚡️ via YouTube
How I Keep My Electric Mower Like New for Years!

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This is an all electric 60-volt lawn mower. Now, my favorite feature with this mower has to be that you just simply put the battery in and it’s ready to go early spring. Yes, there is a couple grass stains and little chips here and there but other than normal wear and tear after the first season, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this thing. Something that I thought was a little flimsy in my first review was this battery patch here. Now as you can see, I had this thing folded up and this folding design is wonderful. Now this is possible because it is an all electric mower so you just put the battery in here. I did not do that and after using this, again, these batteries, I’ve experienced no noticeable degradation in these batteries yet. So the wheels and the construction of this entire mower have been perfect, 100%, absolutely no issues whatsoever and there is no noticeable wear. Now all the parts and pieces, the bag that came with this thing, the side discharge are all still 100% as expected after only one year of use. So overall everything with this mower after one year of use is like I expected it to be, almost brand new, just some minor scratches and scrapes from normal wear and tear, nothing has gone wrong with this thing, no noticeable battery degradation.

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