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How much is Carver One?

How much is Carver One?

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How much is Carver One?

How much is Carver One?
When participating in traffic, motorbikes always show their ability to move flexibly in urban areas. But they have a disadvantage in that they cannot protect users against the effects of weather and the safety is not high. The cars need to invest a large amount of money and they take up a lot of urban space, especially during rush hour.

Realizing the disadvantages of both vehicles, Dutch engineer A. van den Brink founded the Brink Dynamics team to realize his idea of combining a car and a motorcycle. The car can protect users against weather conditions and other dangers when participating in traffic but still ensures convenience and compactness. And his group invented the 3-wheeler Carver One.

The special thing that makes Carver One different from other 3-wheelers is that it can tilt the steering wheel when cornering. Using the Drive by Wire electronic steering system, 2 rear wheels, the engine is fixed and the front wheel is connected to the cockpit. When cornering, both the cockpit and the front wheel of the Carver One will tilt with the steering wheel.

The heart of the whole system is Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC electronic balance system). This allows the pcs to always be in equilibrium.
Equipped with a 660 cc turbo engine,16 valves, and 4 cylinders in line – the engine line is usually equipped on the typical Japanese Kei-car line. Engine power is only 65 horsepower, but because One also weighs only 670 kg, the car can accelerate from 0-99 km / h in 8 seconds before reaching a top speed of 185 km / h.

The Carver One has car features including a steering wheel, three pedals, and a manual shift lever. However, the two seats are set up as one in front and one in the back, with the passenger sitting directly behind the driver.
An extremely secure and self-contained monolithic cockpit structure arranges to seat the driver and passenger in a parallel configuration. Removable body-color roof panels, alloy wheels, sport interior, and designer aluminum accents are part of the comprehensive standard package. Each Carver One can be personalized through additional options such as special metal or paint colors, leather seats, and engine tuning.

Due to differences in taxes and shipping costs, prices vary from country to country for different basic models. Carver One’s price starts at €30,000 excluding the Tax
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