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How Steer-By-Wire Works – Tesla Cybertruck’s Unique Steering!

How Steer-By-Wire Works - Tesla Cybertruck's Unique Steering!

Video by Engineering Explained via YouTube
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Steer-by-wire on a car means there is no physical connection between the steering wheel and the front wheels of the car. This is now a reality thanks to the Cybertruck, the first production vehicle in North America that uses this technology without a mechanical backup steering column. On a traditional car, when you rotate the steering wheel, this passes through the steering column to the steering rack, which moves the steering rack left or right, pulling on tie-rods, pivoting the front wheels based on your input. With steer-by-wire that mechanical connection is gone. When you turn the steering wheel, a sensor sees how much you turn the wheel, and a controller relays that message to the front steering rack, where an electric motor moves the steering rack based on your input, pivoting the front wheels.

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