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How to change the coolant in a Hyundai Ioniq Electric 28kWh (2016-2019)

How to change the coolant in a Hyundai Ioniq Electric 28kWh (2016-2019)

Video by Go Green Autos via YouTube
How to change the coolant in a Hyundai Ioniq Electric 28kWh (2016-2019)

In this video I do a coolant change on a Hyundai Ioniq EV 28kWh. They all have heat pumps in the UK models. I have the official Hyundai workshop instructions (i.e. technical service bulletin (TSB)) and intended to follow these step by step. This is where I found the procedure to be flawed. Following these instructions didn’t allow for a complete system drain and then flushing the system just diluted the existing coolant within the system and will then just again dilute your new coolant. This would make it a very expensive job as it would be very wasteful of the new coolant.
Running the water pump while draining does help to remove more liquid and it blasts out another litre or so. I didn’t catch this on camera, but this still didn’t completely drain the whole system. So instead I removed the 3-way valve and undid every hose from one end and blew out the old coolant and flushing water with an airline, so the whole system was completely empty of all liquid.
None of this is in the Hyundai TSB, so it does make you wonder if these instructions are being followed at the main dealers??
After the refill I got the full 4.6-4.7 litres of coolant back in and also did an AC and DC rapid charge, plus a drive to prove the system was full, air bubble free and not leaking.

The coolant used was Hyundai LP040APE02EVH0 2-ltr BSC-1 "electric vehicle battery coolant" at £19.20 inc VAT from our local dealership. You need 4.7 ltrs, so three bottles. This is probably a low conductivity coolant and completely over the top for the motor stack cooling system in the Ioniq 28kWh and not what was in the system from new.
Another suitable coolant is the Motul E-Auto Cool DHC Coolant (see which matches the factory spec coolant and is also cheaper.

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00:00 Introduction
00:58 Service schedule
01:59 Coolant spec
13:30 Hyundai coolant
15:30 Coolant colours
17:03 The cooling system
18:55 DIY job?
20:55 Draining
24:16 Flushing
34:40 Air forced draining
42:25 Refilling

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