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How To Guide: OLA S1 Pro Self Service & Cleaning

How To Guide: OLA S1 Pro Self Service & Cleaning

Video by PluginIndia Electric Vehicles via YouTube
How To Guide: OLA S1 Pro Self Service & Cleaning

In this video, Abhishek shows some demos on how to take simple care of your OLA S1 Pro or S1 electric scooters

00:00 – Start
00:27 – Protect Tire Valves
01:40 – Tighten all bolts – front & rear wheel
03:38 – Tighten all bolts – front Suspension area
04:10 – Tighten all bolts – Rear Suspension area
04:40 – Clean the motor area with gentle water spray
07:03 – Clean the disc brakes with gentle water spray

Do all of this and keep your OLA scooter nice and healthy!
Happy riding!
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