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How to top up…while you shop | & Shell Recharge

How to top up…while you shop | & Shell Recharge

Video by Electrifying via YouTube
How to top up…while you shop | & Shell Recharge

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Most electric car drivers charge their cars overnight, waking up to a full battery in the morning. But did you know that after home charging an electric car driver’s favourite place to recharge our batteries is at the supermarket?

This is where the Shell Recharge partnership with Waitrose comes in handy. Shell Recharge and Waitrose are in the process of fitting 800 electric car charging points at Waitrose branches all around the UK and the roll out is now well underway. We don’t all have access to off street parking which enables us to charge at home so this initiative is going to be really handy for those of us who need to come up with other solutions.

And if you think about it, charging your electric car at a Waitrose branch makes perfect sense. Your car is going to be parked up while you peruse the shelves, so why not make the most of that time and top up while you shop?

Here’s a fact for you. The average time we spend doing a supermarket shop in the UK is 37 minutes. It might not sound like long but you can add a surprising amount of driving range into the battery of a car like my Nissan Ariya during that time.

Each Waitrose branch has a mixture of around six slower 22kW and two 50kW rapid
charging points for customers and the local community to use. In our video we’re using a rapid charger that added 100 miles during our 37 minute shop. And that got us thinking: where could those 100 miles take us?

Join Ginny as she meets the team from Rubies from the Rubble, who are tackling the problem of food waste with some innovative thinking. They take unloved fruit and veg and transform it into ketchups and condiments which are sold at Waitrose. In this video, Nick Turner shows Ginny how Rubies in the Rubble uses aquafaba (a waste product from the chickpea canning industry) to create vegan mayonnaise.

If you fancy trying your hand at making some at home you’ll find the full Rubies recipe over at where you can also get the latest on the national roll out of charging points, along with a handy video that shows you how to use a Shell Recharge charger.

Make your own Rubies in the Rubble aquafaba mayo:

How to use a Shell Recharge rapid charger:


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