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Hydrogen is the future, I’ll skip EVs. You’ll be waiting a long time!

Hydrogen is the future, I'll skip EVs. You'll be waiting a long time!

Video by Go Green Autos via YouTube

Many still think hydrogen is the future. The truth is that it will never fuel road transport as it simply doesn’t make any sense. Even in a future world where we could have an abundance of cheap renewable electricity and using a surplus to make green hydrogen, then it still makes no sense using this hydrogen to fuel vehicles. It will have to be made, distributed and stored at fuel filling stations, which replicates what we do with petrol and diesel. You might as well put the same electricity into EVs, down the existing electrical grid, where they can drive more than 4 times further on that electricity!
Hydrogen may play a part in the future decarbonisation, but not fuelling road transport (including HGVs).

Hydrogen is a very difficult gas to contain. The only hydrogen car produced in any sort of volume is the Toyota Mirai. Did you know that the car’s fuel tanks are certified as safe for only 14 years. After that, all three tanks must be replaced.

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