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Hyundai Ioniq Electric 38kWh range test (in UK summer). Wow, these are efficient!

Hyundai Ioniq Electric 38kWh range test (in UK summer). Wow, these are efficient!

Video by Go Green Autos via YouTube

In this video, I look at the efficiency and range of the Hyundai Ioniq Electric 38kWh. I’ve done various efficiency videos in the past, but in this video I drive the car all day (8 hours) to use the full battery pack to see how many miles I can drive for when trying to drive efficiently, but at the same time, keeping to the traffic or maximum road speeds.
The ‘official’ range of the 38kWh Ioniq is 193 miles using the WLTP test and 170 miles using the EPA test. While most EVs struggle to achieve the rated range in the real world, the Ioniq is incredibly efficient and the official tests don’t do the car justice. Even without trying to drive efficiently, the car can achieve the rated range easily. But if you put some effort in, you can smash it. As I showed in this video, I got 256 miles out of it and averaged 6.9mpkWh. But I’ve done better in the past and it is possible to drive even more efficiently and get further!

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00:00 Ioniq efficiency
00:39 Watching tips
01:06 Start up
01:58 New inefficient EVs
03:40 The drive & conditions
05:55 How to drive efficiently
09:40 Results at 76% SoC
11:48 Results at 50% SoC
13:04 Final results
15:08 Total range
16:15 After a charge
18:08 Comfort
18:46 Economy history display
20:45 Outro

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