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Ice Road Tesla – South Dakota Adventure

Ice Road Tesla - South Dakota Adventure

Video by Brian Riebe Drives Electric via YouTube
Ice Road Tesla - South Dakota Adventure

A simple day trip convoy turned into a drift-busting adventure as three Tesla Model Ys and two Model 3s leave the Twin Cities and hit the windy plains toward South Dakota. Join us as we visit new chargers and plow our way back home. Follow along with our live (hands-free) chat to see what was going through our heads as we drove.

For more info about Tesla’s Supercharger network and to find locations near you visit:

For info about the tower near Sisseton Visit:

And a nearby State Park that was recommended is here:

Thanks to Jeff, Todd, Tyler, and Aaron for taking the day for adventures!

0:00 Not the day I had planned
2:30 Meet up in Clearwater for B-roll
5:58 Leaving the Interstate
7:50 CCS Charging at U of M Morris
12:34 Blowing Snow & Ice – Should we turn back?
18:12 Sisseton, SD Supercharger & Tacos
23:03 Back on the Ice Roads
24:59 Drift busting & Ice driving
28:00 Changing the plan
31:36 Out of the ice & charging in Alexandria
34:00 Pit stop in Monticello
35:47 Home stretch & final stats

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