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I’m Terrified Of Getting A Heat Pump From Octopus Here’s Why

I'm Terrified Of Getting A Heat Pump From Octopus Here's Why

Video by Nicolas Raimo via YouTube

I’ve had a quote to fit my heat pump to replace my perfectly working gas boiler by Octopus Energy Services. Right now there is something known as the BUS grant which is a boiler replacement grant to swap out a boiler for a heat pump. This quote is a telephone price and an on-site visit will follow also with an updated video. I do have some general worries and concerns about fitting a heat pump and replacing my boiler with one, lots of papers and plumbers and gas engineers seem to be very vocal about fitting heat pumps will it cost me more to run one of these? will it even get my house warm? will it be an eyesore on the external parts of my property? Do I need planning permission for a heat pump? All these worries and concerns are racing through my brain and one that’s a real worry is whether a heat pump will work with my microbore pipes!

00:00 Octopus Energy Heat Pump Price?
00:28 Heat Pump Journey
01:19 Is Your Home Heat Pump Ready?
02:34 Heat Pumps and Micro Bore
04:22 Combi Boilers On Demand Water Heat Pumps Need A Tank
05:28 Where To Put A Heat Pump Planning permission
06:27 Octopus R&D Centre Driving Down Costs
08:03 WIll a Heat pump keep me warm?
09:56 What does a heat pump cost to run?
11:58 What COP mean for heat pumps?
13:48 Heat Pumps are Ugly what’s the solution?
15:16 How Much does Octopus Energy typically charge for a heat pump install?

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