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Independent Review | FONZ Arthur 6 2024 Model Electric Scooter / Moped Test | Electric Car Australia

Independent Review | FONZ Arthur 6 2024 Model Electric Scooter / Moped Test | Electric Car Australia

Video by Electric Car Australia via YouTube
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Independent Review | FONZ Arthur 6 2024 Model Electric Scooter / Moped Test | Electric Car Australia

This EV video features a real world look at the FONZ Arthur 6, 2024 model electric moped or as they are more commonly called urban scooter. As a motorcyclist regularly riding larger road bikes I was keen to take this two wheeled electric vehicle for a test ride and see how it performed at a recent FONZ test ride event in Brisbane.

In the video I talk to Tim from FONZ about the history of the Company and the features and specifications of the new 2024 model Arthur 6 electric scooter compared to the previous model. I then take the electric moped for a spin myself and wrap up the video with my thoughts including a couple of things to keep in mind if considering purchasing an electric scooter, including the Fonz Arthur 6.

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00:00 Thanks for watching Electric Car Australia & Intro to FONZ Arthur 6 Electric Moped.
04:10 Introduction to FONZ Moto & Detailed Discussion on 2024 Arthur 6 Electric Scooter.
05:25 Improved 9.1 Kw Powertrain & Increased Battery Capacity from 2 x 2.1Kw Lithium Iron Batteries in the Performance model.
06:50 Charging the FONZ Arthur 6 Electric Scooter is either normal 10amp power point or Type 2 Charger.
08:45 Pricing of the 3 Arthur 6 Electric Moped models from $5,790 to $9,830.
09:15 FONZ Accessories, Spare Parts & Charger Upgrades for the Arthur 6 Electric Scooter.
10:35 What Licence will you need to ride the FONZ Electric Moped? Car or Motorbike?
11:21 What Warranty does the Arthur 6 2024 model Electric Scooter have? 3 Years with
FONZ Electric Scooters & Bikes available from Head Office in Sydney & Network of Partners around Australia.
12:30 FONZ Electric Scooter, e Moped & Bike Test Ride Bookings are available around Australia
13:55 My genuine thoughts & independent real world review comments on the FONZ Arthur 6 Electric Moped.
18:11 Thanks for Watching & Shout Out to my Channel Supporters

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