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Is Carbon Capture An Excuse To Burn More Fossil Fuels?!

Is Carbon Capture An Excuse To Burn More Fossil Fuels?!

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Is Carbon Capture An Excuse To Burn More Fossil Fuels?!

"An Open Sewer" that’s how Former Vice President Al Gore, at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos said that we’re treating the atmosphere given the amount of CO2 we’re dumping in it. But what if we could take back the Carbon from the atmosphere and store it or, even better, remove it completely? Could that fix the Climate Crisis and get us to Net Zero? That’s the hope of Carbon Capture and Storage and Carbon Dioxide Removal Companies and, perhaps unsurprisingly, Oil Companies. So we thought it was time to find out whether CCS and CDR is an effective solution, or an excuse to continue burning fossil fuels or even, a necessary sidekick to renewable energy. Join Helen as she investigates this contentious topic.

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00:00 Too Much Carbon!
00:53 Is Collecting Carbon an Option?
01:25 Carbon Capture vs Removal
03:38 Carbon Capture and Storage
04:29 How do we Capture Carbon?
05:39 Where does the Carbon Go?
06:33 Is it Worth It?
07:07 The Contentious Bit
07:52 The Even More Contentious Bit
09:10 Necessary Anyway?
10:10 Carbon Dioxide Removal
12:23 How Effective Is It Really?! Introducing the Time Machine!
14:45 Where Does this Leave Us?

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