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Is China the answer to Cheaper EVs in Australia | Fully Charged Live Sydney | Electric Car Australia

Is China the answer to Cheaper EVs in Australia | Fully Charged Live Sydney | Electric Car Australia

Video by Electric Car Australia via YouTube
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Is China the answer to Cheaper EVs in Australia | Fully Charged Live Sydney | Electric Car Australia

Hi, welcome to Electric Car Australia and my latest EV video from Fully Charged Live Sydney 2023 where a panel of EV advocates participated in a session called ‘Is China the Key to Cheaper Electric Cars’. Many think Chinese EV brands such as BYD, MG, Polestar, LDV, ORA and Nio are the answer to Australia getting more affordable electric vehicles. Have models like the BYD Atto 3 and MG ZS EV made a big difference? And what will models like the BYD Dolphin, Seal and the new MG 4 do for Australia? Lets hear what this panel thinks?

The discussion was hosted by none other than Elliot Richards, the China based Presenter for the Fully Charged Show and he was joined by local Electric Vehicle, advocates, social media YouTube sensations, journalists and those working in the EV industry who give their thoughts on Chines electric car brands and the influence they will have on the Australian EV market. Also discussed is how legacy auto makers are managing the transition from ICE to EV and have they left it to late?

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this video with some insightful thoughts on Chinese EV’s and some great questions from the capacity crowd. Be sure to Subscribe and hit that Bell icon so you don’t miss our future educational EV videos.

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Session Host – Elliot Richards, Chinese Fully Charged Presenter:
Ludicrous Feed (Tesla Tom):
Bridie Schmidt:
Charles Lau:
Mark Harland:

Fully Charged Live Australia/Sydney

STREWTH! Fully Charged LIVE Australia launches to universal acclaim in Sydney

00:00 Intro
02:20 Panel introductions
04:05 Is it too late for legacy car brands in Electric Vehicle space
07:08 What can Chinese EV manufactures do better than legacy car makers
08:40 What changes have happened in the Australian EV market in past 1-2 years.
09:58 Cultural bias against made in China electric car brands
11:25 Can Chinese EV makers match quality?
14:05 Is it too late for Toyota to catch other brands in Electric Vehicles?
16:10 Buy a Toyota BEV & get a free hybrid car
15:55 What are the most exciting Chinese electric cars coming to Australia
21:05 Informal vote on the names for next BYD electric vehicle models in Australia
21:45 Are Utes or smaller vehicles key to China having more EV traction in Australia
24:10 Single piece of advice for Chinese Electric Car brands coming to Australia
25:05 There is a Gap with Dealer handover to new EV Customers – "That’s what I fill with my Electric Car & Vehicle Advice Australia service"
27:45 Audience questions
35:01 Panel thank-you and my wrap up of this EV video
35:40 Thanks for watching and Channel Donation links

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