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Is This Elon’s Successor? | Tesla Time News

Is This Elon's Successor? | Tesla Time News

Video by Now You Know via YouTube
Is This Elon's Successor? | Tesla Time News

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DearMoon Crew Members Announced – 1:41
Tesla Holiday Update Preview – 4:08
Could This Be Elon’s Successor? – 9:02
Tesla Triples Texas Railyard – 10:48
Tesla Did Indeed Launch in Thailand – 13:29
Starshield – 15:53
Cybertruck Body Exposed – 17:29
Mini Cybertruck? – 20:03
Starlink Files for Direct to Cellular – 21:35
Tesla’s New High Res Radar – 22:58
Europe & Taiwan Get More Tesla Models – 25:47
Sono Motors in Trouble – 27:33
⅔ of Ford Dealers Opt-In to EV Program – 29:23
GigaShanghai Shortens Shifts – 34:06
PG&E BiDirectional Study – 35:54
Lightnings Join the US Forest Servce – 37:22
Into The Future – 39:56
Going Green – 42:32
Sun Spots – 44:56

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