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Is this the BEST Portable EV Charger in Australia? | In-depth Review Fronius Wattpilot Go 1.4-22 kW

Is this the BEST Portable EV Charger in Australia? | In-depth Review Fronius Wattpilot Go 1.4-22 kW

Video by Electric Car Australia via YouTube
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Is this the BEST Portable EV Charger in Australia? | In-depth Review Fronius Wattpilot Go 1.4-22 kW

Hi, welcome to Electric Car Australia the Aussie EV & Sustainable living YouTube Channel. My names Greg and today I’m so excited to be reviewing a portable EV charger I have been waiting for around 6 months to check out, the Fronius Wattpilot Go J22 Australian model. which Fronius kindly provided for review.

I’m so excited because this EV charger, strictly speaking an EVSE, is unique in the Australian EV charger market as it’s a portable, solar smart, single and three phase combined charger with build in RFID capability. This means you have the flexibility of a fully featured home charger that is portable so you can take it on those regional road trips AND it suits every EV on the market, so could it be the best EV charger available in Australia today. Well this is the first of a series of video’s to put this charger through it’s paces, I hope you enjoy it.

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00:00 Intro
01:45 Future practical Australian reviews of the Fronius Wattpilot Go J22 model in use.
02:17 Fronius Wattpilot Go J22 only available through Fronius Dealers, not direct to the public.
02:44 Unboxing of Fronius Wattpilot Go portable EV charger – what comes in the box.
04:45 Summary of features and benefits of the portable EV charger or EVSE.
05:20 Supplied out of the box with 5 pin three phase Australian plug – needs an adapter cable for single phase use.
06:40 Mounting bracket for at home or portable use.
06:55 Why I decided to look at a faster EV charger.
09:05 Why this Smart EV Charger is better value than permanently mounted home charger?
09:55 Why I like this charger?
12:20 Can the 3 phase Wattpilot Go 22 kW charge a single phase 7Kw capable EV like the Mg ZS EV?
13:22 Three different models of Fronuis Wattpilot Chargers, 11kW Home, 22kW Home and 22Kw Portable.
14:18 Adapter cable to converting the 22kW 3 phase 5 plug plug charger to single phase 32 amp 3 pin socket.
16:40 Fronius Wattpilot Go operating temperature between minus 25 degrees to plus 40 degrees before derating.
17:35 Summary of single phase to three phase power shifting.
20:20 Requires separate type 2 to type 2 charging lead – most EV drivers have these.
21:39 Basic explanation of the type two EV standard or protocol.
24:30 Setting charge based on charge current – via App or manually on the device.
26:49 Seamless integration with Fronuis Solar Inverters with smart meters – third party integrations are coming.
27:05 Charging using solar power both on single phase and three phase.
27:36 Solar charging starts at 1.4kW’s or 6 amps in eco mode using only solar PV generation up to 22kW 32 amp three phase.
37:05 Integrated RFID capability – perfect for work, Air BNB accommodation or motel applications to provide reporting and charging capability.
29:28 EV charging and solar PV duck curve graphs showing single and three phase home charging.
31:42 Benefits of Next trip charge setting mode – only charge for the distance you need to travel.
33:10 Separate Fronius App for the Wattpilot Charger – solar.wattpilot, available free from App stores.
34:19 Prioritises surplus EV Solar generation for EV charging before pulling from grid supply.
35:11 Dynamic load balancing or sharing capability across EV’s to assist with limited grid infrastructure.
40:40 Integrating and displaying Wattpilot EV charger stats within Fronius Solar.web solar PV portal.
42:02 Additional features.
43:32 Australian retail Pricing unknown at this stage – only sold through Fronius Dealers.
46:27 Thanks for watching, leave your comments and links to support the channel.

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