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Kia Soul EV – Used Buyers Guide

Kia Soul EV - Used Buyers Guide

Video by AutoEV via YouTube
Kia Soul EV - Used Buyers Guide

We know that Kia has always been a maker of great electric cars, such as the e-Niro and the EV6. But it’s also been making the Soul EV for quite some time now, a car that tends to live in the shadows of its brethren. So does that make it a prudent used car buy, especially with the cost of living rising as well as fuel costs? In fact, could it be the perfect used electric car? Well the only way to find out was to send our resident ex-used car salesman, Bryan, out to deliver his verdict. In this week’s video he talks us throgh the different models, batteries and trim levels as well as giving some tips for how to spot a bad ‘un. As always, AutoEV delivers the video that actual car buyers rely on to deliver a trustworthy verdict!

AutoEV – all electric, all independent.

0:00 – Introduction
00:49 – Titles
00:56 – Meet the cars
02:33 – Styling
07:02 – Practicality
12:54 – Interior
25:57 – Usability
29:17 – Performance & Handling
41:24 – Pricing
45:38 – Competition
47:12 – Pros & Cons
47:46 – Summary


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