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Lectron CEO Explains The Vortex Plug NACS To CCS1 Issue And Its Resolution

Lectron CEO Explains The Vortex Plug NACS To CCS1 Issue And Its Resolution

Video by State Of Charge via YouTube

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a recall of the Lectron Vortex plug. That’s the adapter that allows authorized non-Tesla EVs to charge at Tesla Superchargers. In this video, I explain the cause of the recall, and What Lectron is doing to remedy the situation.

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00:00 Intro
00:56 The interview begins and I offer the background information
04:14 Who is Dropcases Limited?
05:00 Was the problem a design flaw or a manufacturing issue?
06:48 Has Lectron begun shipping the replacement adapters?
07:24 The new adapter has a stiffer spring and slighter longer pin
10:19 How will customers be notified?
11:15 The "recall remedy" is clarified
12:13 UL 2252 certification
14:50 Lectron advised a specific way to use the adapter
18:02 What can Lectron do to restore its customer’s faith?

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