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Mazda to Invest $10.6 Billion on Electric Vehicle | New Auto&Vehicles EV

Mazda to Invest .6 Billion on Electric Vehicle | New Auto&Vehicles EV

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Mazda to Invest .6 Billion on Electric Vehicle | New Auto&Vehicles EV

Mazda to Invest $10.6 Billion on Electric Vehicle – Slower but More Ambitious Approach to Driver Assist and Safety Systems
Mazda has officially announced its investment strategy of more than 10 billion USD in electric cars, batteries, and self-driving cars.

Mazda President and CEO Akira Marumoto have made official statements about the company’s innovation strategy in the direction of electrification. This is a must-do if you don’t want to be left behind. But of course, it comes with significant investments in new technology.

Specifically, the Japanese automaker will spend more than 10 billion USD on the "future". The exact figure of the investment amount is 10.6 billion USD. In which, money is spent on research, production, partner connection, development of batteries, semiconductors, electric motor systems, etc.

Mazda will divide this amount into 3 phases. Vehicles with internal combustion engines will remain at the core of Mazda throughout Phases 1 and 2. Phase 3, which begins in 2028, will see the company make a large-scale transition to electrification. Along with that process, the company must also ensure the rationalization of the supply chain and cut costs if possible.

But Mazda’s plans go beyond just developing electric vehicles and batteries. The Japanese automaker decided to pursue leading safety technologies. The company will develop innovative technology that makes cars safer for both occupants and other road users.

A Mazda representative said: "We aim for no new Mazda to cause a fatal accident that is avoidable with automotive technologies by 2040,"

Mazda has trailed most other automakers in the area of electrification. This company is even slower than the famously conservative companies like Toyota and Nissan. However, if it is determined to develop electric cars, Mazda still has a chance to catch up with other car manufacturers in the market.

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