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Mercedes Benz G63 Ride On Kid Car Assembly Video – R&G Toys Power Wheels

Mercedes Benz G63 Ride On Kid Car Assembly Video - R&G Toys Power Wheels

Video by Electric Kid Cars via YouTube
Mercedes Benz G63 Ride On Kid Car Assembly Video - R&G Toys Power Wheels

Today we’re going to assemble the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG Licensed Ride On Car by R&G Toys.

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Check the parts in the box with the list in the owner’s manual.

Firstly start by attaching the front axle to the body of the car itself, Slide the axel through the holes in the steering rack whilst lining up the lug with the steering pin.

Fit one washer to the end of the thread of the steering column and then follow this by tightening a locking nut with the plastic wrenches provided,

Repeat this process for the other side.

Next, remove the locking nut and washer from the axle leaving the rubber washer on.

Slide a wheel onto the axel follow this with a washer and then a locking nut and tighten with the wrenches provided. Line up the shape of the nut with the hole in the hub cap and click into place.

Again repeat this process for the other side.

Now for the rear axle.

You may have noticed an elastic band holding the motors to the car body, ensure you keep the elastic band on the car to avoid stretching of the wiring loom, we will cut this off later.

start off by removing the locking nut from the rear axle, and then sliding the washer off the axel, this bit can be quite fiddly!

Once this is removed flip the car upside down as this will make it easier for the next step

Line the gearing on the wheel with the cog on the motor, follow this by sliding a washer onto the rear axle and then tightening a locking nut onto the axel. Please note that you won’t be able to tighten the axle fully as it will begin to spin. Repeat this process on the other side. Fit the wheel, fit the washer and then fit the locking nut.

Now with both wheels on using the two plastic wrenches provided to tighten both wheels on the axel against each other, ensuring they are both secure.

With the wheels and motors secure you can now cut and remove the elastic band.

Fit the hub caps the same way as the ones on the front axle.

Now to fit the seat rest, line up the lugs with the clips on the seat rest itself, firmly click into place ensuring it is secure.

Remove the two screws on the rear of the car, line up the holes on the spare wheel compartment with the holes on the body of the car, then secure the compartment to the car using the screws that were removed.

Next, connect the battery connector to the motor connector, Push together until you hear a click.

To fit the 2 part seat, line up the lugs with the clips on the 2 parts and click together.

Undo the 2 seat retaining screws from the body of the car. Now place the seat into the car whilst holding the seat belt out of the way.

Line up the lugs on the rear of the seat with the holes in the car, Line up the hole in the seat with the holes in the body of the car then fit the retaining screws through the seat.

Now we are going to fit the steering wheel, Start by removing the nut and bolt from the steering wheel.

Clip the steering wheel wire to the connector in the dashboard. Push the connector together until you hear a click. Now thread the wire as far as you can through the dashboard to hide it.

Now line up the steering wheel with the steering column ensuring the holes on the steering wheel match the hole on the steering column then fit the nut and bolt through both of the holes and tighten.

To Fit the windscreen pull the dashboard back to open up some room for the windscreen to fit, Line up the clips with the lugs on the body of the car and click firmly into place.

Remove the protective film from both sides of the car to expose the holes for the mirrors.

Line the lugs on the mirror with the clips on the door. Push firmly to ensure the mirrors are secure, repeat this for the other mirror.

To fit the exhaust trims, place the car on its side, undo both retaining screws from the side, each trim is sides to ensure you have the correct one by pushing the tabs on the trims against the lugs on the car, then secure with the screws.

To charge the car, find an empty plug socket and ensure that it is switched off, Plug the charger into the wall socket, plug the other side of the charger into the charging port of the car ensuring the car is switched off.

Switch on the wall socket to commence charging.

It is recommended that the cars initial charge should be between 8 – 12 hours.

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