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MG 5 – The Emperor’s new clothes? Or is it actually better?

MG 5 - The Emperor's new clothes?  Or is it actually better?

Video by AutoEV via YouTube
MG 5 - The Emperor's new clothes?  Or is it actually better?

When we tested the original MG 5 we felt it was one of those cars that could be filed under the "worthy-if-a-little-dull" section. It did nothing badly, but it never really stood out in any one area, apart fro the fact that it was the only all-electric estate car that you could buy. And buy it people did. In their droves. So much so that due to supply issues, MG withdrew it from sale after less than 2 years on sale. Well, now it is back, and in heavily revised form. Our question is however, have the improved the desirability of it? Is it just a case of the Emperor’s new clothes, or is it actually now properly praiseworthy? The only way to find out is by putting it through the road test that people trust to deliver the true verdict on the new EV they are thinking of buying – the AutoEV one.

AutoEV – all electric, all independent.

0:00 – Introduction
02:28 – Titles
02:35 – Meet the car
04:14 – Styling
09:18 – Practicality
14:41 – Interior
25:12 – Usability
26:46 – Performance & Handling
37:16 – Pricing
38:46 – Competition
40:10 – Pros & Cons
41:06 – Summary


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