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#mistsprayer #mistspray #evconversionkit #roadpollution #mistsprayvehicle #watermistonroad

#mistsprayer #mistspray #evconversionkit #roadpollution #mistsprayvehicle #watermistonroad

Video by Motomanic via YouTube

Motomanic Produly accouncing our accociation for development of Mist sprayer vehicle for reduction in pollutuon.
We have developed and supplier complete high pressure and high flow mist spray system power by rechargable batteries. Completer IP 67 system.
We are commited and continuous put our best efforts to develop and delivery solution not only for EVs but for all areas to reduce pollution and promote green for Heavy Vehicle, DIY project, Hobby Project Railway track etc for load capacity 2Ton, 4 Ton , 10Ton or higher with complete set up of all compoenents. Ready to fit

we manufacture front axle from 20" to 100" size with load capacity from 1 ton to 10ton and with or with our disc brakes optuons.
we also cutomise differential from 20" to 100" with drum brakes and hydraulic brakes.l, based on cutomer requirements.

We in design & development, drive train solution and deals in all BLDC and PMSM Motor from 1000watt up to 50Kw of higher power for EV applications.
Please visit us / write us / contact us
WhatsApp – 8815303539 / 7648940132

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