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Most Powerful SUVs of the Upcoming Model Year: Horsepower for Sports and Offroading

Most Powerful SUVs of the Upcoming Model Year: Horsepower for Sports and Offroading

Video by Automotive Territory: Trending News & Car Reviews via YouTube
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Most Powerful SUVs of the Upcoming Model Year: Horsepower for Sports and Offroading

Modern sports SUVs can be an acquired taste, but you definitely can no longer call them unstable boxes on wheels. The sport utility crowd of 2024 can flex sub 4 seconds 0-60, which puts to shame many dedicated sports cars. Today we would like to present to you the newest representatives of this vibrant class and we’ll list their major specifications in detail.

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00:00 Introduction

00:35 Porsche Cayenne

2024 Porsche Cayenne arrives with a noticeable mid-cycle refresh that focuses on interior tech and performance capabilities.

01:56 BMW XM

2024 BMW XM is adding a new Label Red model with unique Red accents and its plug-in drivetrain boosted to 735 horses.

03:06 Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE53 4Matic Coupe

Following the mid-cycle refresh routine, Mercedes has presented the updated versions of the GLE53 4matic SUV and Coupe. Fresh faces, new colors and torquier engines are the new norm for the newcomers.

04:27 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio 100 Anniversario

Alfa Romeo is yet another automobile brand that turns 100 this year and expectedly they are celebrating their centennial with an exclusive version of the best-selling model. The Quadrifoglio 100 Anniversario will be strictly limited to 100-units with distinctive features.

05:38 Gronos Coupé EVO C

The idea of a two-door G-Class was driven by the Mansory customers and its fulfillment took about one and a half years of elaborate planning, designing and engineering.  The Gronos Coupé EVO C will be produced as a limited series of eight units for the buyers who subscribe to the "One of One" philosophy.

06:58 Ferrari Purosangue

2024 Ferrari Purosangue is the brand’s debut 4-door, 4-seat car that is also its first SUV. It manages to keep the purebred Ferrari nature, goes for a classy naturally aspirated V12, and achieves near perfect weight distribution.

08:11 BMW X6M

2024 BMW X6M rides into the new model year with a refresh, a 48Volt mild hybrid system, and a standard Competition package.

09:23 Ford Bronco Raptor // Velociraptor 500

After successfully completing winter evaluations in Colorado, the Texas-based hypercar manufacturer and high-performance vehicle creator, Hennessey Performance has begun customer deliveries of the enhanced 4×4. The Velociraptor upgrade is based on the flagship version of the Bronco Raptor.

10:38 Brabus 900 Superblack

The latest facelift to the AMG GLS63 is underwhelmingly mediocre, so instead we will show you an enhancement package offered by the Brabus division that give this extravagant 7-seater a bonkers powerboost and a Superblack makeover.

11:53 BMW iX M60

2023 BMW iX M60 is the range topping version of the iX that brings uprated motors, 3.6 seconds 0 to 60, and more sophisticated suspension tech.

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