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My 2022 Projects year in review

My 2022 Projects year in review

Video by BenjaminNelson via YouTube

I share my projects from 2022 that maybe never made it into my regular YouTube videos. Feel free to skip ahead to whatever project interests you!
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I do realize this is a longer video! Please feel free to set your playback speed to 1.5X, scrub the timeline, or simply skip to a chapter that sounds most interesting to you.
Chapter Points:
00:00 Intro
00:32 Electric Wheelbarrow
1:32 YouTube Silver Play Button Award
1:58 Feral Cats
2:14 Rats
2:29 Chevy Volt Heat
3:09 Prius Battery Pack Repair
4:16 Ryobi 40V Electric Chain Saw
4:57 Science Faire – Rat Maze
5:46 Salvaged Chevy Volt Battery
7:34 3D Printer
8:00 Ryobi Light Bulb Adapter
9:43 Moon Lamp
12:28 Electric DeLorean
12:39 Solar City Inverter/V2H
13:52 College Students Electric Tractor
14:57 Light Up EV Charge Port
15:18 Rivian in the Wild
15:30 Porch Possum
15:53 CHAdeMO Vehicle to Home –
16:52 Energy Fair
18:12 Rivian/Solectrac (EV Tractor)
19:09 Electric Mobility Scooter
19:56 Cow Car Custom Sound System
21:49 Mobility Scooter transport
22:35 40V Electric Bike –
25:38 AC Power from Chevy Volt
27:19 Electric Go-Kart –
32:17 Ford F150 Lightning and E-Transit
32:32 Wood Lathe
33:20 3-Tier Dessert Tray
34:45 Gnome Home
35:15 Hike ‘n’ Bike
36:20 Solar at a Thrift Store (Generac PWRCell)
38:04 Islanding w/ Solar –
39:31 Go-Kart at MakerFaire Milwaukee
41:38 Marble Maze in Water Bottle
43:49 Winter Storage of Go-Kart (On Ceiling!)
44:36 Conclusion

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