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My Model Y has free lifetime Supercharging, so I don’t see pricing in the car

My Model Y has free lifetime Supercharging, so I don't see pricing in the car

Video by Go Green Autos via YouTube

My 2024 Tesla Model Y has lifetime free Supercharging as this was transferred from my previous 2014 Model S. This was following an offer Tesla were doing in Oct/Nov 2023 to boost sales in the last quarter and were offering free Supercharging transfers to new Model S/X/Y.
When you have free Supercharging, Tesla do not display the prices in the car. Other vehicles have the Supercharging fees displayed in the vehicle when you select a Supercharging site. Tesla’s fees vary between sites and change at different times of the day.
I do still pay idle fees if I hog the charger. Once the car has finished charging, you have up to 5 minutes to move the car. If you don’t, you are fined £1 for every minute your block the charger. You get these notifications on your phone app.

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