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New Genesis G60 EV is Faster and Longer Ranged Kia EV4 and IONIQ 3!

New Genesis G60 EV is Faster and Longer Ranged Kia EV4 and IONIQ 3!

Video by Auto Vision Electric – Everything EV Channel via YouTube
New Genesis G60 EV is Faster and Longer Ranged Kia EV4 and IONIQ 3!

Have you ever wished for something like Genesis’s beautiful yet practical G70 Shooting Brake, yet only hoped that it was electric? Especially for those of you that are in Europe?
Well, your wish may come true once again, from a company that has consistently delivered on what people ask for, as evident by bringing into the market models such as the Kia Stinger from the Kia GT concept, and the Hyundai Santa Cruz from the concept of the same name?
The notion of asking and you will receive is expected to come to fruition once again, and this time in a great-looking electric hatchback from Genesis, of all brands, surprisingly.
In this episode, we will explore the surprising new entry into the new electric vehicle product mix of the Hyundai Motor Group that includes a total of 31 models by the year 2030.

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0:00 Intro
0:16 Introduction
1:11 The Grand EV Plan
2:38 The New G70 EV
3:43 The New Electric Hatchback G60
4:18 Design
5:02 Size
5:35 EV4 vs IONIQ 3 vs G60
6:30 Range
6:58 Performance
7:29 Price
8:03 Technology
8:19 Availability
8:31 Question

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