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NEW KIA EV3: Is this the electric car that rewrites the rules? | Electrifying

NEW KIA EV3: Is this the electric car that rewrites the rules? | Electrifying

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The Kia EV3 is an all-electric ‘B-segment SUV’, which is industry speak for ‘a small-ish, SUV-ish hatchback.’ At 4.3-metres long, it’s a touch smaller than the Kia Niro EV, bigger than the Jeep Avenger and a very similar size to the VW ID.3 and Volvo EX30.  This is an important car for Kia because compact SUVs like this make up almost a third of all new cars sold in Europe and from our first look we think the EV3 is great all rounder that may well become the car to beat in its class.

One of its strong points will be its driving range and efficiency, as the EV3 gets a WLTP range of 373 miles from the 81.4kWh usable battery. It’ll be fairly affordable, too; the EV3 will cost from around £33,000 when it arrives later in 2024. Given the range, the big car tech that it offers and those funky EV9-inspired looks, that’s a lot of car for the money.  

Details of the powertrain are still under wraps, but the EV3 sits on a modified version of the E-GMP platform that also underpins the EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5, so we’d expect to see front-wheel drive – and possibly even a fast, dual-motor, four-wheel drive variant arriving at a later date.

The EV3 specialises in offering lots of big car tech. Some of it will be optional, but you’ll be able to have heated and ventilated front seats and a head-up display. Kia’s semi-autonomous drive system, which will stop-and-start the car with the flow of the traffic, beam the speed limit onto the dash and keep the car in its lane, will be standard across the range.

It’s the first Kia to get some new nifty regenerative braking technology which means you can opt for different levels of one-pedal driving so if full regeneration isn’t your thing you can calm it down a little.  The EV3 will also feature vehicle to load and vehicle to grid increasingly common on electric cars, but still not available on VW Group models. 
Full pricing and equipment levels haven’t been confirmed, but expect the EV3 to start from around £33,000 and run right up to more than £40,000.

Join Ginny as she takes a first look around the new Kia EV3. Has Kia built a winner? Let us know in the comments below.


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