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New parts for our 1976 VW 1303 EV Conversion – Electric Super Beetle Cabriolet Project

New parts for our 1976 VW 1303 EV Conversion - Electric Super Beetle Cabriolet Project

Video by Performance EV via YouTube
New parts for our 1976 VW 1303 EV Conversion - Electric Super Beetle Cabriolet Project

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We’ve got some new parts for our 1976 VW 1303 Karmann Cabriolet, also known as a Super Beetle or Super Bug. We’re unboxing the parts and taking a look at the BMW PHEV 12kWh Battery Pack that we will be installing in our Electric Super Beetle.

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Welcome to the channel, this is where we do EV conversions on fun and interesting cars and try to get as much power as possible from the mainstream OEM EV components currently available today. Our first (and current) project is to build an Electric Porsche 911 using the inverter, motor and battery pack from a Nissan Leaf. The subject of that Electric Conversion is a 1998 Porsche 996 Carrera S.

About the control system we will be using:
We will continue to use the "Open Inverter" logic boards for our EV components. I will be going into more detail in future videos on which inverter we will be using and which logic board. Full details of this open source inverter can be found here:
And the boards are available to purchase through the shop.
The one I am using is:

There is also a community growing around these and associated boards built on the same architecture and software here.
I have no association to this other than liking the design and simplicity of the product and I will let you all know how I get on with the boards in future videos.

Music used in this video:
Rev – Eveningland ►
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We do builds and projects with electric motors and on electric vehicles, with a focus on electric car conversions. The automotive world is moving towards electric cars at a great pace, but a lot of these are focussed on the mass market or are very expensive performance vehicles.

We want to see what can be done to create our own performance electric cars using the currently available components. We’ll take you through every step of our projects (both successes and failures.)

Please come and join us on this journey.

A note on this channel.
While we try to make these videos as informative as possible, these are not instructions or how to videos. Working with high voltage electrical components is very dangerous and can injure, maim or kill. The same goes for working on cars and motorbikes. If these videos have inspired you to take on an EV project of your own, and we hope they have, we would encourage you to undertake the necessary study, education, training and/or investigations to familiarize yourself with tasks you are undertaking. Thanks for watching and we hope you have enjoyed the video.

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