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New Tesla Model 3 Highland v previous generations – what’s changed? Not all things are better…

New Tesla Model 3 Highland v previous generations - what's changed? Not all things are better...

Video by RSymons RSEV via YouTube
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The latest Tesla Model 3 Long range "Highland" brings about many improvements and changes, BUT there are a couple of things that are not necessarily better. For me I don’t like how the boot (trunk) does not open as far and i now run the risk of banging my head.
Lack of stalks…. will I get used to them?
Are the seats really much better?
What’s changed with the interior?

Did you know it now has double washer jets and the screen wash refill is now in a different place?
I find out the above plus all the other little bits and pieces as I try and explore just how much has changed with the latest model 3 compared to previous generations since it arrived in the UK in 2019.

More videos about the Highland to follow so make sure you’re subscribed to our channel!

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