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New Tesla Model Y “JUNIPER” wish list after 4,500 miles with Model 3 “Highland”

New Tesla Model Y “JUNIPER” wish list after 4,500 miles with Model 3 “Highland”

Video by RSymons RSEV via YouTube
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I’ve now covered 4,500 miles in the new 2024 Model 3 Highland Long Range in just 1 month and it gives me a good flavour of what to expect with the forthcoming 2024, maybe 2025 Tesla Model Y – code named “Juniper” (not Jupiter!)

Here’s a list of things I’d love to see as Tesla finish development of this new car. Not that my opinion will count for much or translate into actual modifications or change of plan, but it’s what I think could perfect it. Can almost count as a “roast my ride” of the Highland really.

But take in context, the cars are great. Really, the best EVs out there in most contexts but still, 9.5 out of 10 means there’s a few little things that would be awesome to see in the New Model Y which would make it just about the perfect Electric family car.

Let me know what you’d love to see featured in the new Y in the comments below!

Thanks for watching.

Richard Symons
R Symons LTD "RSEV"
EV Specialist based in New Milton, Hampshire on the South Coast near Southampton and Bournemouth
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