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New toy for the project!

New toy for the project!

Video by Harden Electric Vehicles via YouTube
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New toy for the project!

So in this episode I show off my new toy.

It is a Langmuir Systems Crossfire Pro CNC Plasma Cutting Table!

She is running the Razor Cut 45 Plasma Cutter

RAZOR CUT 45 Plasma Cutter

And I am feeding the whole lot with a 100L Iron Air 3HP Compressor

This setup will enable me to custom make parts quicker and easier than ever before, and I won’t have to wait for availability at a CNC shop.

This is compounded because companies like Xometry and SendCutSend don’t operate in, or ship to Australia

This machine is actually incredibly impressive, top notch, and absolutely excellent. I can imaging that once I learn how to drive her better, it will be unstoppable!

So many projects planned, not just for the Thunderbuck, but with many other projects.

For example, new tailgate for my daily as well as the Thunderbuck, maybe a custom rear bar for both utes, modify my bullbar, etc.

Just so many things that I can do with this, and expect more videos.

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