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New Toyota GR86 review – who needs a Supra?

New Toyota GR86 review - who needs a Supra?

Video by The Late Brake Show via YouTube
New Toyota GR86 review - who needs a Supra?

New Toyota GR86 review – who needs a Supra? Is this the best manual RWD sports car for the money? Jonny was keen to see if Toyota (and Gazoo Racing) had righted the downfalls of the GT86 predecessor, which severely lacked in power and torque from its naturally aspirated Subaru boxer.

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Despite selling out in record time (in the UK at least) the £30k GR86 appears to offer phenomenal driving credentials for some £20k less than the base model Supra, Porsche Cayman and Alpine A110. Towards the end of his review Jonny paid a visit to renowned Toyota tuners Fensport ( to see their 550bhp project GR Yaris and talk through the modifying potential of the GR86 off the back of the cult GT86.

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Filmed & Edited by: Matty Graham
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant

Jonny Smith
Creative content maker, car presenter & car pervert for hire since ’98

0:00 Intro
1:29 GT86 replacement
1:39 AE86 Corolla DNA
3:40 Automatic model SAFER?
5:18 More practical than you think
6:05 New tyres
7:05 Economy
8:23 Rivals Supra, Alpine, Cayman
9:30 Faster driving
9:50 Engine specs
10:38 Cabin materials
11:22 0-62
12:28 No fussy modes
13:05 Cabin
14:20 Engine sound
14:43 Suspension feel
15:28 Can Jonny fit in back seat?
17:00 Fensport visit
18:00 Fensport project Celicas
19:20 GT86 race car
19:35 Project GR Yaris
21:05 Expert look around GR86
23:54 Better than Supra?
25:23 Verdict

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