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Newest 3-Wheel Electric Bicycles with Large Cargo Racks (Buyer’s Guide for 2024)

Newest 3-Wheel Electric Bicycles with Large Cargo Racks (Buyer's Guide for 2024)

Video by Automotive Territory: Trending News & Car Reviews via YouTube
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Some of us have never learned to ride a bike and others find a two-wheel design too unstable to venture onto the roads. If only there was a solution out there with three-wheels… Well, there is one, let me introduce a lineup of electric tricycles that simplify the urban commute with strong motors, long ranges, heavy duty cargo racks and incredibly stable rides.

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00:00 Introduction

00:33 Lectric XP Trike

Similar to other models within the Lectric XP lineup, the Trike offers a genuine blend of cost-effectiveness, foldable design, and comfort.

01:46 Rad Power RadTrike

Rad Power RadTrike is the brand’s first 3 wheeler that can cover up to 55 miles of a charge at speeds up to 14 mph.

02:46 Arcimoto Cybertrike

Following a challenging period, Arcimoto successfully avoided a financial crisis and has continued its operations from Eugene, Oregon. The fourth-generation prototype of their Mean Lean Machine has been christened the Cybertrike Edition and is now on the verge of being production-ready. up to 200 miles.

03:46 Mate SUV

Conceived in Copenhagen, Denmark, renowned for its bicycle-friendly environment, crafted with precision in Germany, and produced in Italy, this trike has received prestigious recognition, earning Gold at the 2023 Design Awards as the world’s inaugural bike alternative to an actual car. The Mate SUV features a frame design with a pending patent.

04:59 Addmotor E-Trike

Addmotor E-Trike lineup consists of 12 different models, including city-oriented foldable e-bikes, beach cruisers with full suspension, two-seaters and cargo carriers.

06:10 Viribus Trio and Trio Plus

Viribus Trio and Trio Plus electric trikes offer unmatched pricing starting at 779 bucks with a 250watt motors and a removable 360 watt-hour battery.

07:11 Maxfoot MF 30

Maxfoot MF 30 comes equipped with a 960 watt-hour battery good for 85 miles and can carry 350 pounds of load.

08:05 Emojo Bison Pro

Emojo Bison Pro is suitable for riders of  4 feet tall. It has a step-thru frame, foldable design, and a front suspension for city riding.

09:03 MALISA Electric Trike

MALISA Forte Electric Trike is built upon a durable aluminum alloy frame that offers a maximum loading weight of 440 pounds.

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