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Newest Luxury Vans Coming in 2024 (Interior and Exterior Review)

Newest Luxury Vans Coming in 2024 (Interior and Exterior Review)

Video by Automotive Territory: Trending News & Car Reviews via YouTube
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For a short period of time SUVs took the mantle of the poshest vehicles out there, but we believe that their reign is over. We present to you the most luxurious vehicles for the world’s elites – MPVs. These multi-purpose people haulers have adequate dimensions to fit fully reclining seats, huge TVs, superb environment control functions and so much more! Let’s explore the newest additions to this category of premium vehicles.

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00:00 Introduction

00:39 Lexus LM 350h

The LX SUV is set to relinquish its position as the premium flagship of the brand, with Lexus declaring the new zenith of luxury to be the four-seat Ottoman variant of the Lexus LM minivan, which has recently been introduced in Europe and the UK. In the Old World, this model will feature a fourth-generation Self-Charging Hybrid powertrain 350h.

02:03 Mercedes Benz EQV by Klassen

Should Maybach venture into the realm of luxury vans, they would likely face stiff competition from Klassen, known for setting the benchmark in Mercedes-Benz van conversions. Klassen’s EQV VIP Edition, built upon the electric variant of the V-Class and propelled by a 204 hp motor, exemplifies their commitment to excellence.

03:12 Volvo EM90

Volvo has unveiled the EM90, its electric minivan, first released in China and set for future expansion into additional markets. Drawing inspiration from the 1953 Duette wagon and featuring a boxy-minivan design reminiscent of the Zeekr 009 from the sister brand, the EM90 utilizes Geely’s SEA modular EV platform.

04:41 Xpeng X9

The Xpeng X9, a roomy and expansive multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) featuring a unique starship-inspired design, is built on the SEPA 2.0 platform. With dimensions of 208 inches/5.3 meters, it provides seating for seven individuals arranged in a 2+2+3 configuration. Notably, despite its substantial size, the X9 boasts impressive aerodynamics, showcasing a drag coefficient of 0.227 Cd.

06:09 Ertex Bottega 30th Year Edition

Constructed on the extended version of the Mercedes V Class featuring the 300d powertrain, the Ertex Bottega 30th Year Edition caters to customers who desire not only ultimate comfort while traveling but also a means to remain calm and invigorated amidst hectic days and extended journeys.

07:32 Becker Cadillac ESV

In contrast to other luxury MPV manufacturers on the current list, Becker Automotive Designs, based in California, opts out of the conventional minivan platform and instead employs a body-on-frame chassis derived from the formidable Escalade.

08:47 AVERS MV060

AVERS, a tuning shop based in Ukraine, openly acknowledges drawing inspiration from Maybach for their latest project. The standout feature of the MV060 project is its opulent rear seats, sourced directly from the S-class W222.

10:09 Nissan Hyper Tourer Concept

This marks the third installment in Nissan’s progressive series of electric vehicle concepts premiering at the Japan Mobility Show. The all-electric minivan is specifically crafted to elevate interpersonal connections during journeys, catering to individuals who value luxury and companionship on both road trips and business expeditions.

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