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Newest Scooters Coming for 2024 MY (Review with Prices and Specifications)

Newest Scooters Coming for 2024 MY (Review with Prices and Specifications)

Video by Automotive Territory: Trending News & Car Reviews via YouTube
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Newest Scooters Coming for 2024 MY (Review with Prices and Specifications)

Unless you are okay to pedal, scooters have always been go-to vehicles for personal urban transportation and occasional intercity voyages. In 2024 these two-wheelers continue their exponential growth by offering affordable, economical, hassle free and reliable way of avoiding crowded public transport. Today we will show you the newest scooter models across various displacements and styles.

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00:00 Introduction

00:34 Kymco Sky Town

During the 2023 Milan show, Kymco introduced the Skytown, crafted for urban escapades and offered with engine options of 125cc and 150cc. These scooters boast a lightweight maxi-scooter frame, tipping the scales at only 257 pounds.

01:35 Vespa GTV 2024

VESPA GTV is refreshed for 2024 getting a new HPE engine with 23.8horses, refreshed design and full-LED lighting.

02:32 Peugeot XP400

The French automotive giant is entering the adventure scooter market segment with the new XP400 scooter. This model received a set of mismatched wheels with wheel with spoked rims and all-terrain Pirelli tires. Its 400cc engine is powerful enough to reach the maximum speed of 85 mph.

03:57 SYM Joyride 300

SYM Joyride 300 replaces the Joyride EVO 200, offering a similar, but more comfortable layout and 2 versions.

05:01 Pipermoto J Series

Pipermoto J Series is the brand’s first project that combines scooter design with a motorcycle engine and artisan craftsmanship.

06:09 Mash Belena

Mash, a relatively new motorcycle brand with European design and Chinese manufacturing, is gaining popularity, particularly among novice riders in the UK. They are now broadening their product range with a pair of sporty maxi-style scooters. The Belena is produced by the prominent Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, Shineray.

07:08 Lexmoto XDV 300

XDV 300 was developed to provide riders with a machine worthy of offroad riding, while retaining one of the cheapest prices in the class. The adventure capabilities of new model are backed up by a full KYB suspension setup as well as all-terrain tires.

08:31 Kymco CV-L6

Until this point, Honda’s X ADV has held a unique position as the sole large-bore adventure scooter in the market, but its unmatched dominance is soon to be challenged. The Kymco CV-L6 operates on a lightweight aluminum frame and is propelled by a 550cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected parallel twin engine.

09:28 Wottan Storm V

Storm V is a low-displacement scooter that will let you travel within the urban zones that allow you to take an occasional trip down the dirt trail. In order to easily get out of challenging road situations, Storm V is equipped with a 37-millimeter front telescopic fork and a double rear shock absorber.

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