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Nissan Ariya Six months report – A genuine Tesla rival ? | Electrifying

Nissan Ariya  Six months report - A genuine Tesla rival ? | Electrifying

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Nissan Ariya Long term report:

After six months of driving our Nissan Ariya, it’s time for us to hand the keys back and say goodbye. Would we choose one over a Tesla Model Y?

Tom has been mesmerised by the constantly same-shifting Aurora Green paint, but there are plenty of other reasons the Ariya is attractive.

It’s also the e4ORCE model, which means more power and four wheel drive, which we put to the test on an indoor ski slope.

Our car is the Evolve, which after the recent price cut of £3,750 costs £54,840. The Aurora Green paint we love so much is the only ‘free’ paint colour – all the others are a cost option. It also has the Sport Pack, which includes 20-inch alloys and a blue leather. In hindsight, the blue doesn’t really go with the exterior colour and the black or grey would have worked better.

Our Ariya has the bigger 87kWh battery, which means a genuine 300 miles of range on most days. The downside is that it takes much longer to top up. Doing all the home charging at the cheap rate overnight on Octopus Go means it takes three nights to get near full again.

We’d also say the Ariya has one of the best interiors of any electric car, with excellent quality and some lovely touches. It makes the efforts of Volkswagen, Tesla and even Audi look a bit downmarket. Even the carpets feel like a Bentley’s.

Do you have an Ariya? Do you love it as much as we do? Let us know in the comments below.

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