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No, $5 billion has not been spent on a few EV fast chargers… | NEVI Update 2.5

No,  billion has not been spent on a few EV fast chargers... | NEVI Update 2.5

Video by Plug and Play EV via YouTube

A quick addendum to our May/June NEVI update (# 2 – linked below) to rebut the headlines that only 1.. 4.. 8 [delete as preferred] fast charging stations have been installed with $5 billion in federal funding.

This video briefly clears up what has been allocated versus what’s been built and what’s under construction as of June 2024, as well as taking a stab at estimating the value of what’s in the ground so far. Note that not all awards included an exact price tag and the funding amount excludes matching funds from the applicant, which vary by state and site location.

Rather than provide an exact breakdown of NEVI formula funding, this is intended solely to contrast the millions spent so far with the billions that click-seeking headlines would have us believe.

Our third NEVI update is due in July, so leave any info/analysis requests in the comments or email with your suggestions.

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