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No, Tesla Cybertruck Is *Not* Faster Than Porsche (While Towing)

No, Tesla Cybertruck Is *Not* Faster Than Porsche (While Towing)

Video by Engineering Explained via YouTube
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No, Tesla Cybertruck Is *Not* Faster Than Porsche (While Towing)

Tesla’s Cybertruck Can’t Beat A New Porsche 911 In The 1/4 Mile (Towing)
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During Tesla’s Cybertruck delivery event, they showcased the Cybertruck performing stunts to show it’s performance capabilities versus the competition. One of those stunts was a drag race against a Porsche 911, while *towing* a Porsche 911. Insane, yes! Elon Musk claimed “it can tow a Porsche 911 across the 1/4 mile faster than the Porsche 911 can go by itself" after showing a clip of it beating a Porsche 911 in an 1/8th mile drag race. Fair statement? Not exactly.

This video seeks to answer the question: which car is really faster in the 1/4 mile, a 2023 Porsche 911, or Tesla’s Cybertruck towing a 911? We’ll use real world data, along with some math to find the answer.

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