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North Dakota Tire Run – A Tesla Road Trip

North Dakota Tire Run - A Tesla Road Trip

Video by Brian Riebe Drives Electric via YouTube

We road trip the Model Y beyond the Supercharger network in North Dakota to visit friends, deliver tires, and see some winter buffalo. An EV road trip to familiar places and new museums with easy charging along the way.

Plan your trips to some of our favorite spots in North Dakota:


0:00 Trying for efficiency
2:34 Sunset in Alexandria
4:02 Into North Dakota; Fargo Charging & Hotel
6:34 Up Early for a Big Driving Day
8:27 Jamestown ND Charging by the Fords
10:36 Warming up in Bismarck
13:02 Long lunch and charge in Dickinson
16:03 Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Section
20:02 50 kW Zef Charging in Williston, ND
25:00 Family Time & Back to Dickinson
28.52 Hotel, Swimming, & the Morning Plan
32:30 Bismarck Lunch, Charging, & ND Gateway to Science
36:12 Jamestown Charge & Go
37:54 Delays in Fargo = Deep Charge
41:24 Alexandria Should Be the Last Charge
42:59 Clearwater Emergency Stop – Bio Break
44:54 Home with Final Stats & Info

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