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Number of Tesla supercharger stations globally grows 34% in a year and more

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Number of Tesla supercharger stations globally grows 34% in a year

Electric Cars Report

Tesla’s reign as the leading global electric vehicle manufacturer is reflected in the company’s other related segments, such as supercharger stations. Notably, the company has recorded increased installation of supercharger stations as more jurisdictions embrace EVs. According to data compiled by Finbold, as of Q2 2022, Tesla had 3,971 supercharge…

Is This EV Cheap For A Reason? (BYD Atto 3 / Yuan Plus 2023 Review)

Chasing Cars Should you buy the cheap new BYD Atto 3 electric SUV? We test the Extended Range version and tell you everything you need to …

Electric vehicle charging stations
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Very High Speed Motor Offers Improved Power Density for EVs

Electric Vehicles Research

Engineers have built a new high-speed motor which has the potential to increase the range of electric vehicles. The design of the prototype IPMSM type motor was inspired by the shape of the longest railroad bridge in South Korea and has achieved speeds of 100,000 revolutions per minute.

Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors’ Roundtable

Tesla Motors Club

Welcome to the 2019 Investors’ Roundtable. This year, we are not going to try to split discussions between a “Market Action” and a “General” thread, as years of experience has shown all are too enthusiastic about putting their opinions and observations in a fairly random dispersion. So post here – but as a specific topic gets…

Calendar not syncing

Model S

iPhone 13, iOS 15.6.1… 2013 Model S, P85, 2022.8.10.1 Calendar has been working great for years. Just got stuck on a calendar item and no longer updates / syncs with iPhone. I’ve deleted that calendar item, have the Tesla app running, uninstalled/reinstalled the Tesla App, checked the app settings and confirmed calendar access is permitted, del…

The Aptera is back! Maybe.

DIY Electric Car Forums

Searching though this forum on EV news I see the latest news is from 2013. Apparently the original inventors are attempting to bring it back. This time there is far more interest in electric vehicles so it might work. They are taking $100 deposits and have a range of options you can pre-select. According to a Google search result I found, they hav…

Mokka E – Space.

Speak EV – Electric Car Forums

Hi all, Have not posted in a while due to being put off a little by prices of EV’s but now eligible for a scheme at work so looking into it again. I had the Mokka E in contention already but concerned on the back seat space and boot. Does anyone have one with toddlers? so buggy, car seat etc. I have a 13 month old, and will have this car for t…

How do I set my car to not auto lock and honk at home?

Model 3

I have a garage at home and get home late at night after work sometimes. It’s kind of annoying that when the car is parked in the garage and I walk away, it honks and locks the doors. I want it to do this everywhere else but home. Anybody know how to fix this? I figure with geofencing for homelink and sentry mode, it could learn this lock functi…

Honda plans 10 new electric motorcycle models by 2025, including one for kids

Green Car Reports

Honda’s electrification push won’t be limited to cars. The company on Tuesday announced that it will launch 10 electric motorcycles globally by 2025, and make its motorcycle lineup carbon neutral by 2040. Honda already sells a line of small scooters aimed at fleet operators, and that are already used by the Japanese and Vietnamese postal services..

Routine Maintenance for Chevy Volt Gen 2 (2017)?

GM Volt Forum

What type of routines maintenances do you have done to your Chevy Volt Gen 2 to maximize its health and lifespan? Regular oil changes? Regular tires changed? Premium gas? Frequent car wash, wax, or detailing? And how often do you get your routine maintenances?…

Fiat 500e Not ready, Limited Power Mode, Not charging

Fiat 500 Forum

Hello. I have fiat 500e 2017. I buyed it from USA in august. On summer it was without problems, but this time weather is cold, and i have problem with starting. The auto showing Not ready. The battery have 37%, but distance is –. I cant charge, because it shows unpluged cable. It showing still limited power mode. The 12v battery has 12,30v I chec…

L’iPhone 14 avec liaison satellite : un partenariat avec Starlink ?

Tesla Magazine

Apple a décidé de faire appel à Globalstar comme fournisseur de communication par satellite pour l’iPhone 14, par opposition à Starlink d’Elon Musk, qui avait conclu un accord exclusif avec T-Mobile The post L’iPhone 14 avec liaison satellite : un partenariat avec Starlink ? appeared first on Tesla Magazine.

Last call; Ram 1500 EcoDiesel production ends in January 2023

Green Car Congress

Ram Truck is offering consumers a final opportunity to order its Ram 1500 EcoDiesel model; production of the 2023 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel will conclude in January 2023. Introduced in 2014, with a significant upgrade integrated for the 2020 model year, the EcoDiesel V-6 engine provided a number of powertrain milestones. The 2020 Ram 1500 was the US…

Tesla delays Steam integration but still plans full video game library in its electric vehicles

Tesla | Electrek

Tesla is now behind schedule on its integration of Steam, the massive video marketplace and library, but it still plans on having the full video game library available in its electric vehicles as CEO Elon Musk is testing it himself. more… The post Tesla delays Steam integration but still plans full video game library in its electric vehicles …

Erősebb változatot kaphat a BMW iX3 és iX4

A BMW rakott már M-logót az elektromos autóira, kezdve a sort az i4-el, majd az iX-el. Azonban ezek egyikét sem lehet teljes értékű M-es BMW-nek nevezni. Mindkét modell gyors és sportosan vezethető, de egy igazi Motorsport-jelvényes elektromos autót egyelőre nem mutattak be a bajorok. A tendencia azonban változhat, ugyanis a BMW jelenleg is d…

Food delivery bot drives into crime scene

Self-Driving Cars – Look reddit, no hands!

submitted by /u/sampleminded [link] [comments] …

Tesla Says Model Y Production Ramp-Up Going ‘Very Well’ at Giga Berlin

Tesla recently held an informational day at its Giga Berlin plant in Gruenheide on Sunday, detailing an update on the factory’s progress for local residents. The automaker said the ramp-up of Model Y production was going “very well”, as reported by Automobilwoche. Tesla previously noted it had hit 1,000 cars produced per week at Giga […] The post…

Can we improve the overall EV charging experience together

Electric Vehicle Forums

Hello all, As someone who loves EV’s and sees the potential they provide for my future and that of many others, I am intrigued as to how they can be better integrated into our day to day lives. With that said, a close friend of mine and I want to hear from other EV owners whether or not you experience the same issues or desire similar outcomes. …