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Part 10: Austin Allegro Type R Sleeper K20 Turbo build

Part 10: Austin Allegro Type R Sleeper K20 Turbo build

Video by The Late Brake Show via YouTube

Part 10: Austin Allegro Type R Sleeper K20 Turbo build. It has been longer than we’d wanted since the last installment of Jonny Smith’s street sleeper Honda Civic Type R powered Allegro, but in this episode progress on the car’s rigidity and safety are the primary focus. Strut braces and plenty of ‘stealth’ tubing have been added to the Allegro by resident welder and metallic guru Adam Benton of FabCo in Lincoln (

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To watch FabCo’s progress on the car’s build in more detail please head over to their YT channel: him for his own British Leyland hellraiser car build – the twin turbo Jag V6 RWD converted Austin PrincesS Type

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Filmed by Sam Renton
Edited by: Michael Douglass
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant

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