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PERGEAR EV Charger Review

PERGEAR EV Charger Review

Video by State Of Charge via YouTube
PERGEAR EV Charger Review

The PERGEAR P2 electric vehicle charger is a 40-amp portable plug-in charger that can charge your EV from either a 120-v (regular household outlet) or a 240-v source (using a NEMA 14-50 outlet).
We put the PERGEAR P2 through our in-depth testing regime and used it for a few weeks to charge a variety of electric vehicles before offering our thoughts and ratings.

There’s currently a $60 off coupon available on Amazon which brings the final cost down to $299.00. You can purchase a PERGEAR P2 from this link:

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0:00 Intro
0:58 The Pergear P2’s key features
2:30 Unboxing the Pergear P2
3:12 Installing the Pergear P2
6:31 First Impressions
7:58 The Pergear P2’s LED colors
8:30 Changing the amperage output
9:32 Will the Pergear P2 charge Tesla EVs?
11:45 The automatic restart test
12:59 The cable deep freeze test
17:20 The connector drop test
18:55 How to set up the WiFi-connected remote monitoring
20:53 Temperature control sensors
21:46 Delayed charging settings
22:54 How to charge from a 120-v outlet
25:15 The submersion test
28:32 The ChargerRater score
33:23 My personal rating
34:45 The Pergear P2’s hits and misses
36:55 Outro

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